Thursday, September 29, 2011

Install and Run Windows 8 on Mac 10.7 Lion using VMware Fusion

There's a loud buzz for Windows 8 Developer preview released recently. Thought of giving it a try on my Macbook. Following are a few steps:
  • Download the windows 8 developer preview from the Windows Dev Center.
  • Launched the newly bought VMware Fusion 4.
  • Command+N to open the New Virtual Machine Assistant.
Fig. 1

  • Click continue without a disc.
  • Check Use operating system installation disc or image.
    Fig. 2
  • Choose operating system Windows and Version Windows 7 x64
Fig. 3
  • Click Finish and it will ask for saving the VM.
Fig. 4

  • Click on the play button on the VM and it will start the windows 8 installation.
Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7 Personalize screen

Fig.8 Preparing your PC screen

Fig. 9 Post Login Start Screen

  • After the complete Windows Install, tried VMware tools and to my utter surprise they installed like charm.
Fig.10 VMware Tools installation

Overall, a different UI for the start and nice options. The mac trackpad just  works well too with the swipe gesture showing the way around.

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