Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BizTalk Table Looping and Table Extractor used for mapping constant values

In this sample, have used table looping functoid and table extractor functoid to create two records with different constant values. The requirement is to create two destination records RecordDest with FieldGW having two constant values viz. 'ABC' and 'DEF', without any link from the source schema.

<ns0:Root2 xmlns:ns0="http://LoopFunctoid.Schema2">


We can achieve this using the table looping and table extractor functoids as depicted in the Fig.1
Following are the configurations of the table looping and table extractor functoids.
Fig.2 Table Looping Functoid Configuration

Fig.3 Table Looping Functoid Configuration

Fig.4 Table Extractor Functoid configuration

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